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16 February 1746
The Rout of Moy.  The Jacobites overcame a Government Force who were attempting to capture Charles Edward Stuart at Moy Hall. The only death in the Rout of Moy was that of Donald Ban MacCrimmon, Hereditary Piper to the MacLeods of Dunvegan.
  16   February   1872  


Pipe Major George Findlater VC, of The Gordon Highlanders born at Mill of Turriff, Aberdeenshire. He won the Victoria Cross at the Heights of Dargai, during the Tirah Campaign, NW India, on 20th October 1897, playing the successful attack forward after being shot through both legs.
  17   February   1688  
Rev. James Renwick, Covenanter, executed at the Grassmarket, Edinburgh.
  17   February   1796   James Macpherson, author of Ossian and Fingal, died.  
  18   February   1797  
Sir Ralph Abercromby, 2nd Baron Dunfermline, takes possession of Trinidad.
  18   February   1882

The Scotland v. Ireland Rugby Match resulted in a 0-0 draw at Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow.
  19   February   1594  
Henry Frederick Stuart, first child of James VI  and Anne of Denmark, was born at Stirling Castle in Scotland.
  20   February   1463  
James I murdered at Greyfriars, Perth by the Earl of Atholl. (Some sources say 21st February.)
20 February 1472
The Scottish Parliament annexed the earldom of Orkney and the lordship of Shetland to the Crown  "Alsua the samyn day our souverain lorde, withe deliverance of his thre estatis, annext and uniit the erledome of Orknay and the lordschip of Scheteland to the croune, nocht to be gevin away in tyme to cum to na persoune nor persounis except anerly til ane the kingis sonnis† of lauchefull bed." This followed Christian I's failure to pay the pledges for his daughter, Margaret's dowry.  In 1468 Christian I of Denmark, Norway and Sweden had contracted to marry his daughter, Margaret Oldenburg, Princess of Denmark, to James III with a dowry of 60,000 florins, 10,000 florins to be paid before her departure with Orkney pledged for 50,000 florins.  By 1469 he had raised only 2,000 florins and pledged Shetland for 8,000 florins.  In 1470 The earldom of Orkney had been purchased by the Crown from the Sinclairs (Earl William) with the ruined castle of Ravenscraig in Fife in some compensation and a pension of 40 merks. Christian I's pledges were never redeemed leading to the annexation of the Islands.   In 1540 the Scottish Parliament annexed the lorships, lands and castle of Orkney and Shetland, in 1612  again the lands of Orkney and in 1669  established the status of Orkney and Shetland as Crown Dependencies. The sovereignty of the Islands continues to be disputed.

(Note: Some sources give the date as 20th February 1471)

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  21   February   1842   Glasgow Queen Street Station opened initially as Dundas Street.  
  21   February   1945  
Eric Liddell, athlete and missionary, featured in "Chariots of Fire", died in an internment camp at Weihsien, China.
  22   February   1371  
David II died, and the crown passed to his nephew, Robert the Steward.
  22   February   1371    
Robert II, became the first Stewart monarch

22 February 1875
Sir Charles Lyell, eminent Scots Geologist, died.
  23   February   1820  
William Davidson captured in the Cato Street Conspiracy.
  23   February   1836

The first day of the Siege of the Alamo,1836, There were four Scots born,  Richard W Ballentine, John McGregor (piper), Isaac Robinson and David L. Wilson and many of Scots ancestry among the defenders.
24 February 1303 Battle of Roslin Memorial
The Battle of Roslin. The action at Roslin was typical of combat in this period; a clash between relatively small groups of men-at-arms (armoured cavalry), not, as popularly written, a battle of manoeuvre involving many thousands.

  24   February   1923  
The Flying Scotsman left the works at Doncaster.

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