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Le Paradis Details

16-21 May 1940 -Fall Gelb

21 May -4 June 1940 -Fall Gelb

26 May Positions

Positions Night of 26/27 May 1940

Positions as far as known noon 27 May 1940, all Companies out of touch with Battalion HQ, latter nearly surrounded by Armoured Fighting Vehicles etc.

1st Battalion The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) -  1RS - Battalion Headquarters Bn HQ
1339 Rue de Derrière


Pipe Band Platoon
Defending Bn HQ
1274 Rue de Derrière

2358 Rue Grande-Voie where SS Regimental Commander laid out after being shot by a British sniper. (Sniper in Church Tower approx. 500 yards?)

2nd Battalion The Royal Norfolk Regiment - 2 Norfolk  - Battalion Headquarters - Bn HQ
Creton Farm 506 Chemin de Paradis

Norfolks Locations

Contemporary Photos

  Men of 
The Royal Scots 
April 1940
  Le Paradis Massacre Burial After Burial Prior to re-burial at the Church
    Le Paradis Massacre    
  SS Totenkopf 
La Bassée Canal
SS Totenkopf advance 
on Béthune
SS Commander Goetze shot by a British sniper at 2358 Rue Grande-Voie  close to Bn HQ  


 1st Bn The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) and 2nd Bn The Royal Norfolk Regiment were part of 4 Bde, I Corps,BEF  in 1940

3 SS Panzer Division Totenkopf in May 1940

3 Panzer Division (Wehrmacht) (Heer) May 1940

Mai 1940 - 3° Nos villes et villages de Flandre sont occupés. - Sapeurs Pompiers - Fils de France