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10 Reasons to make the most of what we have today
(and do something about it, while we can)


  1. Atlantic Tsunami

    The flank of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma, Gran Canaria slid about 4 metres in 1949.  Eventually it will slide into the Atlantic and trigger a Mega Tsunami that will hit the Eastern Seaboard of North America with waves perhaps 50 metres in height. See Benfield Hazard Research Centre.

  2. Polar Shift

    In the Earth's Geological record, the Magnetic Pole has shifted from the North to the South every 250,000 years.  The last shift took place over 750,000 years ago.  When it occurs it is accompanied with cataclysmic events.  See
    Earth's poles are shifting because of climate change - environment - 13 December 2013 - New Scientist

  3. Movement of the Earth's Crust

    Related to the above, the Earth's motion through space is on a slow wobble, known as precession.  This process takes around 26,000 years, an there is a theory that at the end of the period, the Earth's Crust slides round, again with catastrophic effects.  See The Official Graham Hancock Website: Forum

  4. Super Volcano

    Yellowstone National Park is a supervolcano which will eventually erupt causing a global disaster.  This event occurs with a frequency of 100,000 years. See BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Experts weigh supervolcano risks.

  5. Pandemic

    The influenza pandemic of 1918 took 50 million lives.  We are now told that a pandemic of Avian 'Flu will occur.  See Human Avian flu pandemic risk increases | 24dash.com - Health.

  6. Global Warming

    We are now increasingly familiar with the consequences of release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and are now living with consequences of climate change.  See Global Warming

  7. Global Dimming

    Less well known is the effect caused by less light reaching the Earth's surface due to the amounts of particles present in the atmosphere from our global industry. This effect is more likely to produce dramatic climate change that Global Warming.  See BBC - Science & Nature - Horizon

  8. Water Crisis

    As the World's population soars, the basic building block of life is running out faster than we think.  2/3rds of the planet will have insufficient water by 2025.  See BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Water scarcity: A looming crisis?

  9. Energy Crisis

    At least one scientist has predicted that oil will run out in 10 years.  See The Insider

  10. Meteor Strike

    Finally, less frequent than super volcano events at once every 500,000 years, it is widely accepted that 70% of the Earth's species were wiped out by a cataclysmic event 65 million years ago.  See Comet or asteroid impact with the earth

So "carpe diem" - seize the day. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?