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DNA and Ancestry Research

I am privileged to have had a role in the DNA testing programme of Clan Sinclair which is being led by Steve St Clair and Stan St Clair in the USA.  The the results so far have been interesting to say the least.  Many of us have been determined to be Haplotype R1b (distant origin) by Family Tree DNA.  Stan St Clair came across a site which allowed data to be entered to predict the Haplotype.  Many of us found using the test that we have a high return on Type Q which has a strong association with our Norse Ancestry according to Dr David Faux (30% of Norway is R1b) though he advises that only R1a and Q are exclusively Norse.  Scandinavian Ancestry is also indicated by R1a (about 30%) and I (about 35%).
A paper in the European Journal of Human Genetics "Different Genetic Components in the Norwegian population revealed by the mtDNA and Y Chromosome Polymorphisms"  is very useful.

I have found two pictures which comment on our most distant ancestry which goes back to the Ice Age, which is reproduced from the website of the Payne Family. It shows where our ancestral group was to be found at the time of the
Ice Age, and how populations moved at its end.

The Laird family of Bogstown Londonderry

Whit Athey's Haplogroup Predictor