Events This Week in Scottish History

4 July 1913 Oswald Wynd, author of "The Ginger Tree", born to Scottish Missionary parents in Tokyo. He graduated from Edinburgh University, joined the Scots Guards at the outbreak of WWII, and was commissioned into the Intelligence Corps. He was captured in Malaya and became a Prisoner of War in Japan.
5 July 1820 William John Macquorn Rankine, civil engineer, born in Edinburgh. He was the first president of the Institution of Engineers in Scotland.
6 July 1560 The Treaty of Edinburgh saw the withdrawal of French and English Troops from Scotland.
6 July 1747
John Paul Jones, founder of the United States' Navy  born in Scotland.
6 July 1988
"PIPER ALPHA" disaster. 167 lives were lost following an explosion and fire on the North Sea platform off Aberdeen.

7 July 1548 The Treaty of Haddington proclaimed the betrothal of Mary Queen of Scots  to François, the Dauphin of France.
7 July 1559
John Knox was appointed as the first Protestant minister in Edinburgh.
7 July 1814
First publication of Sir Walter Scott's Waverley novels.
7 July 1930
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle author of the Sherlock Holmes detective stories, died.
8 July 1249 Alexander II  buried at Melrose having died on the island of Kerrera, Argyllshire  whilst preparing to take the Hebrides from Norway.
Ref: A History Book for Scots, selections from Walter Bower's Scotichronicon, p. 144 ISBN 978-1-873644-84-3

8 July 1296
John Balliol abdicated at Montrose, Angus.
8 July 1758
The 42nd Regiment (Later The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) and now 3 SCOTS) took part in either the  Battle of Ticonderoga or Battle of Carillon, a French victory which saw heavy American and British losses.


8 July 1773
The "HECTOR" left Loch Broom, near Ullapool, carrying around 200 emigrants bound for Pictou, Nova Scotia,  the start of a wave of Scottish immigration to Canada.
8 July 1823 Sir Henry Raeburn, artist and portrait painter,  died.
9 July 1917
"HMS VANGUARD" blew up in Scapa Flow with the loss of all but 3 of her crew of 670.
10 July 1451
The future  James III born in Stirling Castle.
10 July 1560 Following the Treaty of Edinburgh on the 6th July the Scottish Parliament (otherwise known as the Reformation Parliament convened in Edinburgh on 10 July 1560, attended by 14 earls, 6 bishops, 19 lords, 21 abbots, 22 burgh commissioners, and over 100 lairds.
10 July 1633 The "BLESSING OF BURNTISLAND" sank off Burntisland in the Firth of Forth carrying gold, silver and jewellery belonging to Charles I.
11 July 1370 Marjorie Stewart, daughter of Robert II, received Papal Dispensation to marry her cousin, John Dunbar, later created the Earl of Moray.
11 July 1774
Robert Jameson, mineralogist and naturalist, born in Leith.
12 July 1570 Matthew Stuart, 4th Earl of Lennox and father of Lord Darnley made Regent of Scotland.
12 July 1850
Robert Stevenson, died. He is best known as a builder of lighthouses and was the engineer in charge of the construction of the  Bell Rock, and grandfather of the novelist, Robert Louis Stevenson.

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