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6 August 1881
Sir Alexander Fleming, discoverer of penicillin, born.
7 August 1548
The young Mary Queen of Scots sailed from Dumbarton Castle to Roscoff, France, following the Treaty of Haddington, which betrothed her to Francis, the Dauphin of France.
8 August 1503
James IV married Margaret Tudor, daughter of  Henry VII of England. The marriage was known as the Union of the Thistle and the Rose.
9 August 1757
Thomas Telford, the civil engineer born in Westerkirk,  near Dumfries.
10 August 1460  
James III crowned at Kelso Abbey.
11 August 1306 Battle of Dalry.  Robert the Bruce defeated by John MacDougall of Lorne, kinsman of John Comyn.
11 August 1862
General Sir David Y Henderson, the first Officer Commanding (OC) the Royal Flying Corps, born in Glasgow.
11 August 1892
Hugh MacDiarmid (Christopher Murray Grieve) born in Langholm in Dumfriesshire.
12 August 1332 Battle of Dupplin Moor near Perth in which Edward Balliol defeated the Regent, Earl of Mar.
12 August 1990 Roy Williamson, Scottish folk musician and songwriter, died. A founder member of the folk group, "The Corries", for whom he wrote the song which has since become Scotland's unofficial National Anthem, "Flower of Scotland".
The Corries

13 August 1888
John Logie Baird, inventor of the first television, born in Helensburgh.
13 August 1907
Sir Basil Spence, architect of Edinburgh University Library, born.
14 August 1040 Duncan I killed in battle at Pitgaveny leading his army against Macbeth.
14 August 1863
Sir Colin Campbell  died. Born Colin MacIver, he adopted the surname of his uncle who sponsored his military education.  At the Battle of Balaclava in 1854 as Commander of the Highland Brigade of the 1st Division he lead the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders as the "Thin Red Line" repulsing the Russian Cavalry. He sought and obtained permission to wear the Highland Bonnet instead of the Cocked Hat that went with his appointment.


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