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8 May 1854

Captain Robert Barclay Allardice, the famous exponent of "pedestrianism", precursor to race walking, died. 6th Laird of Ury, commissioned in the 23rd Regiment of Foot he was ADC to the Marquis of Huntly in the ill-fated Walcheren Expedition in 1809.
The Celebrated Captain Barclay: Sport, Money and Fame in Regency Britain, Peter Radford ISBN 0747272220
8 May 1945
VE (Victory in Europe) Day. On May 7 1945, General Jodl signed with the Allies for the unconditional surrender of German forces on all fronts, which was to take effect on 8 May  at 1101 hrs.

2020 75th Anniversary


9 May 1645
The Marquis of Montrose's Forces defeated Covenanters at Auldearn, near Nairn, remembered in verses of the song "The Haughs of Cromdale", which was actually 45 years later.
9 May 1860
J M Barrie, the Scottish playwright and novelist, born. Mainly remembered today for "Peter Pan" his works include "A Window in Thrums" and the "The Admirable Crichton".
9 May 1909

Robert Garioch, poet and translator who wrote mainly in the Scots language, born.  He died on 26th April 1981.


10 May 1307
 Robert the Bruce defeats the English Army at the Battle of Loudon Hill.
10 May 1941
Hitler's Deputy, Rudolf Hess, parachuted into Scotland surrendered to farmer David McLean, and asks to see the Duke of Hamilton.
11 May 1672
Charles Seton, 2nd Earl of Dunfermline died. A devoted Royalist he left the country after the execution of Charles I and returned with Charles II.
11 May 1685
Covenanter Martyrs Margaret Lauchlane, or McLachlan, and Margaret Wilson drowned in the Solway Firth after refusing to acknowledge Charles II's authority on religious matters.
12 May 1999
The Scottish Parliament which adjourned on 25th March 1707 reconvened.
13 May 1568
Mary Queen of Scots defeated by Regent Moray at the Battle of Langside..
14 May 1689
Cameronians , (Scottish Rifles), formed. Their first Commanding Officer was William Cleland, who would be killed weeks later at the Battle of Dunkeld, 21st August, and their Colonel, was the Earl of Angus. The Regiment chose disbandment rather than merger, in 1967.
14 May 1752 The Appin Murder. Colin Campbell of Glenure "The Red Fox" shot, allegedly by Alan Breck Stewart (of "Kidnapped" fame). James Stewart was later found guilty and hanged, despite a lack of evidence. In 2001 a descendant of the Stewarts of Appin, 89-year-old Anda Penman, identified young Donald Stewart of Ballachulish as the real killer, a secret that was passed on by word of mouth through generations of the Appin Stewarts.
15 May 1567 James Hepburn, Duke of Orkney, 4th Earl of Bothwell
Mary Queen of Scots married the James Hepburn, Duke of Orkney, 4th Earl of Bothwell at Holyrood.
16 May 1568 Mary Queen of Scots crossed the River Solway into exile landing at Workington. She spent her first night at Workington Hall owned by a friend of Lord Herries.

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