Events This Week in Scottish History

1 August 1545
Andrew Melville born Baldovie.  Scholar, theologian and religious reformer, his reputation brought scholars from the Europe to study at Glasgow and St Andrews.
1 August 1714
Death of Queen Anne; George I, Elector of Hanover becomes King.
1 August 1747
Act of Proscription of Tartan that followed the 1745 Rising.
2 August 1696
Robert Campbell of Glenlyon, who had taken part in the Massacre of Glencoe died in poverty in Bruges.
2 August 1922
Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, died in Nova Scotia.
3 August 1460
James II killed by an exploding cannon at the siege of Roxburgh Castle.
3 August 1573  
Sir William Kirkcaldy of Grange executed, after defending Edinburgh Castle on behalf of Mary Queen of Scots from May 1568 to May 1573.
4 August 1900
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the future Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, born.
4 August 1914 Britain declared war on Germany.
His Majesty's Government informed the German Government on August 4th, 1914, that, unless a satisfactory reply to the request of His Majesty's Government for an assurance that Germany would respect the neutrality of Belgium was received by midnight of that day, His Majesty's Government would feel bound to take all steps in their power to uphold that neutrality and the observance of a treaty to which Germany was as much a party as Great Britain.
The result of this communication having been that His Majesty's Ambassador at Berlin had to ask for his passports, His Majesty's Government have accordingly formally notified the German Government that a state of war exists between the two countries, as from 11 p.m. to-day.
The First World War had begun on 28th July 1914 with Austria-Hungary's declaration of war with Serbia.
5 August 1305
Sir William Wallace betrayed and handed over to the English.
5 August 1388
Battle of Otterburn in which Scots defeat Henry Percy, (Hotspur) but James, Earl Douglas, died out of sight of his army.  
"A dead man won the field" Sir John Sinclair, Sir Walter Sinclair and Sir James Lindsay took up the dying Douglas's banner and went back into the battle crying "Douglas".
Tom Steel, Scotland's Story ISBN 0006370039 p 57
(English sources say the battle was on 19th August:
John Sadler, Border Fury, England and Scotland at War 1296-1568 ISBN 1405840226 p 275.)
6 August 1881
Sir Alexander Fleming, discoverer of penicillin, born.
7 August 1548
The young Mary Queen of Scots sailed from Dumbarton Castle to Roscoff, France, following the Treaty of Haddington, which betrothed her to Francis, the Dauphin of France.
8 August 1503
James IV married Margaret Tudor, daughter of  Henry VII of England. The marriage was known as the Union of the Thistle and the Rose.
9 August 1757
Thomas Telford, the civil engineer born in Westerkirk,  near Dumfries.

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