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  22   February   1371  
David II died, and the crown passed to his nephew, Robert the Steward.
  22   February   1371    
Robert II, became the first Stewart monarch

22 February 1875
Sir Charles Lyell, eminent Scots Geologist, died.
  23   February   1820  
William Davidson captured in the Cato Street Conspiracy.
  23   February   1836

The first day of the Siege of the Alamo,1836, There were four Scots born,  Richard W Ballentine, John McGregor (piper), Isaac Robinson and David L. Wilson and many of Scots ancestry among the defenders.
24 February 1303 Battle of Roslin Memorial
The Battle of Roslin. The action at Roslin was typical of combat in this period; a clash between relatively small groups of men-at-arms (armoured cavalry), not, as popularly written, a battle of manoeuvre involving many thousands.

  24   February   1923  
The Flying Scotsman left the works at Doncaster.
  25   February   1871   The England v. Scotland representative Football Match resulted in a 1-1 draw.
Ref: The Scotsman Newspaper Monday 27 February 1871 page 7
  25   February   1888   A conference in Edinburgh discussed the issue of leaving certificates for Scottish schools.  
  26   February   1802   Alexander Geddes, theologian, died.  
  26   February   1852  
The sinking of the Troopship "BIRKENHEAD" off Danger Point, South Africa. The Ship's Company, the Officers, Non Commissioned Officers and Men, of several units  including three Scottish Regiments stood fast with no hope of rescue as the ship sank beneath them, while every woman and child on board was saved in the few serviceable lifeboats.
HMS Birkenhead

27 February 1545 The Battle of Ancrum Moor. The Scots, led by the Earl of Angus defeated a much larger English force.
  27   February   1560   The Treaty of Berwick, a first step towards the expulsion of the French Troops  from Scotland, was signed in Berwick between the Duke of Norfolk, for England and Scottish Nobles opposed to the French occupation.


  28   February   1642  
The National Covenant was signed at Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh.
  29   February   1528  
Patrick Hamilton burned at the stake as a heretic in St Andrews.
  29   February   1904  
The Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow, opened.
1 March 1546
George Wishart, Protestant Martyr, burn at the stake at St Andrews on the orders of Cardinal David Beaton. The site is marked by a plaque and the letters "GW" in the roadway.


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