Events This Week in Scottish History

25 January 1759
Robert Burns, the National Bard, born.
  25   January   1817   The Scotsman first published.  
  26   January   1722  
 Very Rev Alexander Carlyle Minister of Inveresk and pioneer of the sunday school movement born the son of the local minister in Prestonpans, East Lothian. He was a witness to the Battle of Prestonpans in 1745 . He was educated at the University of Edinburgh, the University of Glasgow and University of Leiden.
26 January 1878 Kirkpatrick Macmillan, inventor of the bicycle, died.
  26   January       Australia Day"Scots played many key parts in the story of Australia. Scots were convicts, soldiers and governors; orphans, free settlers and gold hunters; bushrangers, merchants and immigrants."  
27 January 1783 The Glasgow Herald first published as the Glasgow Advertiser.  The Times was first published 2 years later in 1785 as the Daily Universal Register, the Dundee Courier 33 years later in 1816 and the Scotsman 34 years later in 1817.
  28   January   1582  
John Barclay, Scottish satirist and Latin poet born at Pont-à-Musson in Lorraine.
28 January 1829
William Burke, of Burke and Hare infamy, hanged in Edinburgh for the West Port Murders.
29 January 1928

Earl Haig, Commander in Chief of the British Army, 1915-1918, and founder of The Royal British Legion,  died.
30 January 1649
Charles I executed in Whitehall, London.
  31   January   1762    
Lachlan Macquarie, known as "The Father of Australia", was born on on the small island of Ulva in the Inner Hebrides. Lachlan was related to the last chieftain of the Clan Macquarie and to the chieftain of Lochbuy in Mull. As Governor of New South Wales from 1810 to 1822, he brought reform to the convict colony and began an ambitious building programme in Sydney.
31 January 1788

Charles Edward Stuart, "The Young Pretender", "Bonnie Prince Charlie" died in Rome.
31 January 1918
Battle of the Isle of May.  100 men died in a series of collisions between submarines in the Firth of Forth.
31 January 1919


The Battle of George Square. 60,000 striking workers fought with police, but, as the strikers included many former servicemen, they drove the police off.  In the aftermath some 10,000 English Soldiers were sent to Glasgow, despite the presence of a Scottish Regiment at Maryhill, as the Government feared full revolution.

1 February 1709
Alexander Selkirk, from Lower Largo in Fife, and the inspiration of "Robinson Crusoe", rescued from Isla Más a Tierra (today known as Robinson Crusoe Island), in the Juan Fernández Islands, over 400 miles off the West Coast of Chile.
2 February 1645
Battle of Inverlochy.  The Marquis of Montrose defeated the Covenanters.

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