21 November 1917
Lt E A Mackintosh, Seaforth Highlanders, author of  poem Cha Till Maccruimein, which foretold his own death,  killed on the second day of the Battle of Cambrai.
Other versions and the pipe tune.
22 November 1515
Mary of Guise born. She was the second French consort of James V, a devout Catholic, and aimed for union between Scotland and France. She brought a French Army to Scotland, but despite her efforts, the Scottish Protestant Reformation began, and the French were driven out of Scotland.
23 November 1834
James Thomson, BV, born in Port of Glasgow.  He wrote under the name "Bysshe Vanolis" to distinguish himself from James Thomson 1700-1748, author of "Rule Britannia". He died in 1882.
24 November 1542
The Battle of Solway Moss.  The Scots under the command of James V's favourite, Lord Oliver Sinclair and Lord Maxwell, were routed by a smaller English force.
25 November 1835
Andrew Carnegie, steel magnate and philanthropist, born in Dunfermline.
26 November 1836
John Loudon MacAdam who introduced the "macadam" or "tarmac" system of road surfacing, died at Moffat, Dumfrieshire.
27 November 1789
Prints are obtainable from the artist, David Rowlands www.davidrowlands.co.uk

The 72nd Regiment of Foot (Seaforth) took part in the Great Sortie from Gibraltar, doing such damage to the Spanish siege works that their plans to assault were abandoned.
27 November 1843
John Murray, publisher, died.
28 November 1666
The Covenanter "Pentland Rising" ended with the defeat of the Covenanters at Rullion Green by General Thomas Dalyell.
29 November 1489
Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII and future wife of James IV, born.
(According to some sources 28th November).

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