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Valparaíso, Chile

Monument to Lord Cochrane

Valparaíso was the first major port after rounding the Horn. In the days when the only route to the Pacific American coast was via Cape Horn, there was a very large British Community "colony" in Chile, particularly in Valparaíso, and it declined in importance after the Panama Canal opened.  It has a "British Arch" a donation of the "British Colony" inaugurated in 1911. There are some photos of Valparaíso in the late 19th Century and 1900s in the city's history website. Click here for a panorama from the "British Arch".

The firm Cave y Cia, founded and still run by Scots have a website with some History of Valparaíso at
www.cave.cl  in "Local Info". To this day one of the voluntary Fire Service Companies, the 11th "George Garland" has in its logo, the Union Flag*. 

On a visit to Caithness Stone in 1999 we were told there is Caithness Flagstone in Valparaíso.

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The Mackay School

George Sutherland
Peter Mackay
George Robertson

Peter Mackay opened his school in 1857 to serve the British expatriate community, many of whom stayed. Cave y Cia is quite a new company, founded in 1970, but the founder's father was there before him. The School has always been known as the British School (it was founded by Scots and it has not been known as English).  George Sutherland joined the School in 1880.  He was succeeded by George Robertson. 

The Mackay School Valparaiso 1857-1942.pdf

  George Sutherland    

Mackay/Sutherland Grave in the Disidentes (Protestant) Cemetery

      In loving memory
George Sutherland
Born at Wick, Scotland
On March 31 1841
Died at Valparaisso on the
9 day of  September 1918
here lies a man who
meant and did
the noblest thing he knew
In loving memory
Peter Mackay, M.A.
Who entered in the rest on the
8 March 1905 in his 81 years
  In loving memory
Norman Sutherland
And his wife
In loving memory
Agnes Galbraith Mackay
Born near Ayr 1801
Died at Valparaiso 1880
"There shall be
no night there"
In loving memory
Jessie Mair Fallow
Beloved wife of Peter Mackay
Born at Straven, Scotland 1830
Died at Valparaiso 1889
"She hath done what she could"

The photographs were taken by Sr Juan José Caro V., caretaker of
the Cemetery.

The Grave of Commander Pringle Stokes RN of "HMS BEAGLE" near Punta Arenas

© Jack Howard who visited the site in July 2008.


Pringle Stokes Grave

In the wake of the Beagle - Times Online

 * Technically "Jack" is a naval flag