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Cathedral, La Giralda and Tomb of Columbus


Alcazar and Archivo de Indias

Torre de Oro
This Dodecagonal (12 sided polygon) Tower was built by the Moors on the River Guadalquivir to defend their city. The Iglesia de la Vera Cruz of Segovia is also dodecagonal.

The symbol of Seville is NO8DO. 8 is the symbol of a "madeja", skein of wool, so NOmadejaDO, "no me ha dejado", has not abandoned me, Legend states that the title was given by King Alfonso X, who was resident in the city's Alcazar and supported by the citizens when his son, later Sancho IV of Castille, tried to unsurp him from the throne.

It houses a Naval Museum.


Iglesia de Jesus del Gran Poder


Famous for Tapas: Pez Espada en Salsa de Manazanilla, Mondeda

Map of Seville


Seville Scenes

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