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The Alford Bull and Argentina


Alford, Aberdeenshire stands the statue of an Aberdeen Angus Bull, commemorating the establishment of the breed there. My mother remembers a stockman from the Home Farm at Cluny Castle, nearby, *going out to Argentina with a herd of Shorthorns from the farm and there he stayed. His surname was Gibb, christian name "Geordie", possibly George.  The famous Argentine Beef that is enjoyed these days is descended from Aberdeen Angus, Hereford and Shorthorn stock, and is celebrated in Argentina with its unique Whisky, "The Breeder's Choice", which has the face of all three breeds on its label.


The statue was unveiled by HRH The Prince Charles, The Duke of Rothesay, in 1991. His Grandmother, HM Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother was Patron of The Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society.

*The link is through to a picture of the side entrance to the Castle, in the distance the stables and the house where my grandparents used to stay.

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