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Alice Evelyn Leith Laing's Family

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George Leith
and Jane Mitchel



The Leiths traced their descent from survivors of the Spanish Armada.  "Mad Jock" lived in Harthill Castle (between Insch and Inverurie) in 1639 and was a great supporter of the Royalist Cause against the Covenanters. There was also a branch of the family in Caithness.

George Leith (Farm Servant) and Helen Main,
Drumdurno Chapel of Garioch
Married 25/11/1882 Newhills
Alice's Maternal Great Grandparents

William Laing and
Elspet Mortimer
Alice's G G Grandparents


Henry Laing (Farmer, Newton) and Margaret Smith,
Married 04/11/1875, Newhills, Premnay
Alice's Great Grandparents

Helen Littlejohn
Alice's Great Grandmother



Helen_Leith.JPG (45648 bytes)

L-R James Noble, Maggie Noble and their mother Helen Littlejohn, from cousin Sandy Felton

James Laing (born 28/04/1878 Bogside, Premnay) and Helen Leith (born 29/12/1882)
Premnay, Aberdeenshire
Alice's Grandparents

James Berry and Maggie Noble
Alice's Maternal Grandparents

George_Alice.JPG (80694 bytes)

George Laing was in the Gordon Highlanders Home Guard during WWII

George Laing's Cap Badge


George Laing (1903-1993) and Alice Noble (1901-1992)
George was the Joiner on the Cluny Estate near Inverurie
Alice's Parents
Noble is a sept of Clan Mackintosh, Clan Chattan (Clan of the Cat)

“New-made wheels arrived from Alex Cameron, Bob Shepherd and Dod Laing, Joiner at Cluny Estates, whose work was always perfect."     

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