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Hempriggs Lairds

From Karen Groeneveld

"John Laird Snr left his home in the Orkney Islands in the latter part of the 18th century and settled in Caithness Shire, near Wick, where he managed, until his death, the farms of Sir George Dunbar, Bart., of
Hempriggs, Wick."  "He married a Janet Craig, the daughter of Donald Craig and Margaret Bain of Caithness." (Her brothers Donald and Angus emigrated to Australia where they became successful farmers and landowners.) "John and Janet Laird had four sons, John (b 21 Jun 1833), William, Donald Craig and Sinclair.  The three eldest emigrated to Australia at the invitation of Donald and Angus Craig, whilst Sinclair remained in Wick.  John Laird died in the year 1860 and was buried in the churchyard of the Wick United Free Church."  "On the death of John Laird Snr, Sir George Dunbar, Bart. appointed Sinclair, who was not quite 20 years of age, as his successor.  He continued in this position until two years after Sir George's death, when he became the tenant of Hempriggs Mains, which he held for over 30 years."
(source: Sinclair's obituary - "Northern Ensign" 13 Sept 1910)

John Laird Snr was my great great great grandfather, and his eldest son John Laird (jnr), my great great grandfather.

John Laird Jnr became a successful and well respected farm manager in Victoria and South Australia, retiring to a property in Mount Gambier, South Australia.

Any help you might be able to offer, would be most gratefully and graciously accepted.