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Lairds, Laings, Leiths and Sinclairs in Prince Charles Edward Stuart's Army 1745-46

Atholl Brigade
David Laird, Lieutenant

Kilmarnock's Horse
Alexander Leith, Mason, Turriff                                                     Taken, died

Duke of Perth's
James Laird (Johnstone's Company)

Forfarshire (Ogilvy's)
James Laird, Servant to Murrie, Perthshire                                      Taken, transported
Patrick Laird, Vintner, Meigle, Forfarshire*
John Laird, Workman, Glamis, Forfarshire*
John Laing, Servant, Old Montrose                                                  Killed in Action
John Sinclair, Town Piper Arbroath,
Taken, discharged

Lord Lewis Gordon's
Anthony Leith, Captain, Farmer, Bogs of Leith Hall                        Taken, pardoned
Laurence Leith, Farmer,  Captain, New Flinders, Kennethmont       Taken, pardoned

Roy Stewart's (Edinburgh)
Thomas Laing, Lead Miner, Aberdeenshire                                     Taken, transported

Stoneywood's (Aberdeen)
Robert Leith, Pittenweem                                                                 Taken, discharged
William Leith, Snuff Grinder, Aberdeen                                          Surrendered, pardoned

Gordon of Glenbucket's
Alexander Leith, Captain, Farmer, Collithy                                     Taken, executed 28/11/1746

Earl of Cromartie's Regiment
James Sinclair, 20, Caithness,
Taken, died?
James Sinclair, 19, Husbandman, Dunbeath,
Taken and transported.

* Submitted by Virginia Ott 2nd July 2003, from "Muster Roll of Prince Charles
Edward Stuart's Army" (Livingstone, Aikman, Hart, eds)

Main Source: Muster Roll of Prince Charles Edward Stuart's Army 1745-46, Aberdeen University Press 1984, Reprint 1985