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Laird Ancestry Research in Paisley, Renfrew, Clydesdale, Rutherglen and Glasgow

Paisley Abbey

I am looking for family of Andrew and Elisabeth parents of my GG Grandfather, John Laird and Jane Burke, married Middle Church Paisley Renfrew 12/08/1842. Children: Jean Laird born 10/03/1850; John Clydesdale Laird born 14/07/1851 (my Great Grandfather) in the County of Lanarkshire and the Parish of Glasgow; Elizabeth Laird born 01/10/1853. Witnesses to births William Laird, Andrew Laird, Richard Little and Niven Galt. My Great Grandfather's marriage certificate records that both John Laird and Jean Burke died before my Great Grandfather married on 31/12/1875. Jane Burke's sister Elizabeth had married Richard Little 19/04/1829 Paisley Middle Church. My Great Grandfather never mentioned his sisters and knew little about his parents. We believe his father died when he was 7 years old and that his mother had already died at that time.

John Laird owned the Dye Works at Clydesdale Rutherglen.

He was brought up by his aunt, Elizabeth Burke and uncle Richard Little. We are looking for further details of his parents and sisters.

My Great Aunt said John Laird's wife was Jean Morris.

I now have information from a descendant of the Little family that points to new information on John Laird's parents


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