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Restore our Historic Regiments from an Unpopular Amalgamation       

We have gone  from these:

To this:

The Badge of the new Royal Regiment of Scotland,
formed on 28th March 2006
Scotsman.com News - Top Stories - Army stamp of change as super-unit cap badge is unveiled


21st September 2007

Alex Salmond joins row over regiments - Telegraph

20th September 2007

A shattering of military tradition - Telegraph

3rd June 2006

On the 28th March 2006, a cynical use of the founding date of Scotland's Oldest Regiment, The Royal Scots, all the Scottish Regiments were merged into a new Regiment. 
We wish the Officers, Non Commissioned Officers and Soldiers the best for their continued service in the new Royal Regiment of Scotland, but believe firmly that they would be better served in their original Regiments.
The merger of our infantry regiments, reduction in size and the removal their identity are part of a plan for a "
European Defence Identity" that has already failed.

22nd December 2005

The Royal Scots are to return for a short notice deployment to Iraq just before they are merged with the Kings Own Scottish Borderers. There are also rumbles south of the border as the unpopular mergers continue.
The colonel of the Light Infantry is facing a vote of no confidence by the regimental association. It is furious at not being consulted about the alleged "surrender" of the unit's famous name in merger negotiations."

23rd September 2005
Edinburgh Evening News - Opinion - Letters - Army pay too low

21st September 2005
Army admits merger has damaged recruiting - The Herald
THE army has admitted for the first time that the planned merger of Scotland's historic infantry units into a single "super-regiment" has been a major factor in a disastrous slump in recruitment.

14th September 2005
Scotsman.com News - News Archive - Soldiers are being denied a voice over amalgamation of Scottish regiments
by Lt Col J A Charteris, Late RS

1,000,000 Signature Petition to Parliament by St Andrew's Day 2005

In the knowledge that Her Majesty’s loyal army is at “overstretch” and with the hitherto unforeseen threat to her country’s homeland security posed by the London suicide bombers, we, the undersigned petitioners, humbly request Parliament:
To re-examine with immediate effect, by means of a Defence Review, the decision of Her Majesty’s Government to reduce the number of infantry battalions from 40 to 36.

To cancel, subject to the outcome of the Defence Review, the decision of Her Majesty’s Government to amalgamate The Royal Scots regiment with the King’s Own Scottish Borderers regiment.

To cancel the decision to replace the six historic Scottish infantry regiments with a single large regiment.

Petition to Parliament

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27th August 2005

Scotsman.com News - Top Stories - Army under siege from a fall in recruitment

24th August 2005

How to ask what the soldiers really think

17th August 2005

The merger of our infantry regiments, reduction in size and the removal their identity are part of a plan for a "European Defence Identity" that has already failed

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Christopher Booker, writing in the Telegraph on 10th July warned us that a junior minister had recently admitted that the cost of a single vehicles-and-weapons project for the British Army has soared in less than a year from £ 6 billion to £ 14 billion, making it by far the most costly military equipment programme ever planned. Further the project itself, the "Future Rapid Effect System", FRES, is planned as part of the EU's rush to establish its own integrated armed forces, independent of NATO, and rules out any future British military partnership with the US, thus spelling an end to the Anglo-American "special relationship". The aim of FRES - a cut-price version of the Future Combat System being developed for the US Army - is to equip the British Army to take part in the EU's 60,000-strong "rapid reaction force". This is being co-ordinated by the new European Defence Agency (EDA), set up in Brussels in January under a former MoD civil servant, Nick Witney. It was also for this purpose that the Government last year announced the restructuring of the Army, involving the abolition or merger of 19 historic regiments.
Writing again on 24th July he informed us that the key decision was taken not long after Tony Blair promised President Chirac in St Malo in 1998 that he was prepared to co-operate in setting up a "European defence identity", independent of NATO. He regrets that as we stand on the edge of the most far-reaching defence revolution in our history, we get no explanation from our ministers as to what is going on, apart from stray, inadequate fragments slipped out by the MoD in the hope that no one is looking. Apparently the evidence to support this worrying development is being put together in a paper by his colleague Dr Richard North. He believes that when published it ought to shake the cosy, blind little world of British politics to its foundations.
On 31st July he warns that soon the only thing British about the British Army will be the flesh and blood of its personnel, on 14th August he revealed how MPs allowed a Euro defence treaty through Parliament without a vote and on 21st August how more British billions were to be squandered on Euro-defence.
Surely the rejection of the European Constitution by France brought an end to the project to establish European sovereignty, which is the only way a European Defence Force could be directed, and yet the Government continues with its plans to so weaken our armed forces that they will not be able to operate on their own.

From Christopher Booker's Notebook in The Daily Telegraph

More British billions to be squandered on Euro-defence

Revealed: how MPs allowed Euro defence treaty through Parliament without a vote

The plan that Blair and Chirac hatched will spell the end of the 'British' Army

Europeanisation of the British Army is coming on the double

23rd June 2005
Scotsman.com News - News Archive - Prince Charles speaks up for Scots regiments

15th June 2005
Scotsman.com News - British armed forces - Readiness of armed forces attacked by watchdog
Telegraph | News | Armed Forces stretched beyond limit

6th June 2005
Scotsman.com News - Top Stories - Soldiers did not support merging regiments

"Despite repeated statements from defence ministers in Parliament that many serving soldiers endorse the army reform, the MoD has been unable to provide a single letter of support. Instead, the published letters, without exception, condemn the MoD's plans. Several accuse ministers of "disloyalty" to the army."
About turn: regimental museums face the axe - The Herald

In January 2006 the 6 Infantry Regiments of Scotland will be merged into 1 new one.  This should not happen.  This is why.

Defence commitments.  There is currently overstretch.  There is a need for
at least 40 battalions not 36.  Afghanistan reinforcement is the latest
example (the infantry is rumoured to be close to 2,000 under strength, so
where will Mr Reid find the 5,500 now needed?).

Recruiting and retention is not being addressed.  Bus drivers are paid
£22,000 while Infantry soldiers work harder at greater risk for £13,000.
Armed Forces' Pay Review Body Report 2005 shows that soldiers are paid less than half the minimum wage. Unless this changes, the Army will continue to under-recruit and under-retain.
The morality of the Iraq war, Deepcut and loss of the Scottish Regiments
are dissuading parents from allowing their sons to join the Infantry.

The decision to amalgamate six regiments into a five battalion large
regiment without a clear identity is most unpopular in Scotland and is
already damaging recruiting and retention.  Morale is low at a time of
higher operation challenge than since the end of the Cold War.

Serving officers and soldiers are gagged under pain of punishment.  Their only voice is the Save the Scottish Regiments (SSR) Campaign.

That the SSR Campaign is just about history is untrue.  The
tradition they are passionate about preserving is operational
effectiveness. In Scottish Regiments this is strengthened by single
battalion identity, family bonds and territorial connections.  Destroy
these and you reduce operational effectiveness and defence capability.

Those taking the decisions to reduce the Infantry and to amalgamate the Scottish Regiments do not understand the issues.  Furthermore, they are being advised by senior officers who have scant knowledge of single
battalion regiments in general and the Scottish Regiments in particular.

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