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700th Anniversary of the
Coronation of King Robert the Bruce
25th March 2006


On 25th March 1306 King Robert the Bruce was crowned King of Scots at Scone Palace, Perthshire, in the presence the Bishops of St Andrews, Glasgow and Moray and the Abbot of Scone, and the Earls of  Atholl, Lennox and Menteith by the Countess of Buchan as representative of the Clan MacDuff. Crowning was traditionally by Macduff, Earl of Fife, representing the sacred Kindred of Saint Columba. Her brother, Duncan of Fife was still imprisoned with his sons by Edward I in England.

On 26th March 2006 the Clan Bruce will re-enact the Coronation at Scone Abbey, and participants include Rt Hon The Earl of Caithness, Chief of Clan Sinclair.


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