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Hear the Scots pronunciation of Sinclair (Robbie Shepherd, Aberdeenshire)

Caithness is Clan Sinclair and Clan Gunn country, and we are members of the Clan Sinclair Society in Caithness

The Sinclairs are like many Scots Clans (including Stewarts, Gordons, Chisolms, Colquhons, Montgomerys and Frasers) are of Norman origin, descended from Rollo, or Rolf the Ganger, son of Rognvald the Mighty, Earl of Møre and Romsdal in Western Norway, and whose son became Jarl of Orkney (including Caithness).The Sinclairs first settled at Rosslyn, south of Edinburgh. By his father William's marriage, Henry Sinclair became Jarl of Orkney, still a Norwegian title on 2nd August 1379. The Lairds of Caithness share a heritage with the Sinclairs and my family is permitted to wear the Sinclair Tartans (Red & Hunting) by the Clan Chief, the Rt Hon The Earl of Caithness PC.  
The Clan Chief's web site is
www.clansinclair.org which links to the world-wide sites of Clan Sinclair.

Connections with Clan Sinclair 

Pictures from the 2005 International Clan Gathering

First photographs from Clan Sinclair 2005 International Gathering in Orkney and Caithness.

Jan Waage's website with Norwegian History and Genealogy, and Sinclair connections with Scotland (In English)

A virtual journey from Edinburgh to Caithness - background browsing for Sinclair 2000
The Kirkwall Masonic Lodge Templar Scroll

  St Briavel's Castle, Gloucestershire
where Henry, Son of William St Clair, 6th Baron was held after the Battle of Dunbar, 1296

Peter Sinclair’s webpages about the Herdmanston and Rosslyn Sinclairs