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Sinclair 2000: The Road to Caithness

On Friday 28th July the Clan Gathering moved from Edinburgh, Scotland's Capital, to Caithness, our the Clan's main home in Scotland.  The road took us through some of Scotland's most important historic sites.  This page gives those who attended the gathering a chance for background "browsing" and allow those who could not attend a chance to make the "virtual" journey.

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Scotland.  For detailed maps follow the links below or visit

See Euan Sinclair's Clan Trust site


Coaches depart Edinburgh for Caithness.


Tour of Blair Castle, the ancestral home of the Duke of Atholl


Lunch in Aviemore: No 1 restaurant or Cairngorm Hotel

Tea at Dunrobin Castle, ancestral home of the Dukes of Sutherland.


Check into allocated hotel in Caithness for six nights inclusive bed & breakfast at the Strathmore Lodge, the Weigh Inn, the Station Hotel, the Park Hotel or the Ulbster Arms Hotel.

Evening free

Edinburgh, Capital of Scotland

Forth Bridge
When people talk about the Forth Bridge they mean the railway bridge.  The road bridge is a recent addition.
Images of Britain - Forth Rail Bridge
Scotland: Forth Rail Bridge

Welcome to Perthshire Tourist Board - Activity Zone

Blair Atholl
Blair Castle is the ancestral home of the Duke of Atholl, Chief of the Clan Murray, although the present Duke lives in South Africa and the castle is now in the hands of a trust.   Clan Murrays takes its name from Møre, in Western Norway where the Sinclairs  have their origins.
Scottish Towns - Blair Atholl Castle, Perthshire, Scotland
Blair Castle

Pass of Killieckrankie
Site of the battle on 27th July 1689 where a Jacobite Army lead by "Bonnie Dundee", a Scottish Knight Templar, defeated General Mackay's Government Army.
Scottish National Trust

Ruthven Barracks
Built to house Goverment soldiers when the Highlands were largely Jacobite, the barracks saw some action in their day.
Scotland the Movie Location Guide - Chasing the Deer, Ruthven Barracks

Scotland's national outdoor pursuits and ski centre
Aviemore - Scotland's Premier All Year Round Resort
Cairngorm Area - The Internet Guide to Scotland

Site of the battle of Culloden, the last battle on the British mainland, on 16th April 1746.  The battle marked the turning point in the development of the United Kingdom.  Wolfe, the great British hero was ADC to Cumberland, the Government Army's Commander and the "victor" if such a term can be applied to the result.   When Wolfe saw the ferocity of the Highland Charge he resolved to turn it to the Government's advantage.  Soon after he raised the great Highland Regiments who played such a part in defending and expanding the Commonwealth.
No Regiment has Culloden as a Battle Honour.
It was not a Scots battle with the English.  There were Scots and Sinclairs on both sides.
The National Trust for Scotland - Culloden

Inverness - The Internet Guide to Scotland

Dunrobin Castle
Seat of the Dukes of Sutherland

As we cross the
Ord into Caithness, remember the Sinclair lore!
Caithness and Sutherland - The Internet Guide to Scotland
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