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This Project first went on line in 1999, and is far from complete. Though this is entitled "Iain Laird's Family History Project", it is emphatically not about one person; I selected the name only to identify our branch of the family among so much useful  Family History on the net.  It all began with my Father's enthusiasm for our heritage and was fuelled by conversations with my Great Aunt Jean, for whom our wider family meant everything.  I was given  further encouragement by our family friend, the late Squadron Leader Iain MacAulay MBE, FSA Scot, late Chief of Clan Macaulay. It was our Great Aunt Jean who told me, in response to many questions, that our Lairds were originally from Wick and before that our ancestor was a sea captain from Norway. This has been confirmed by research into our history and background. Through it I have made discoveries about, and have become privileged to have an involvement with our wider Family,  Caithness, Norway, the great Clan Sinclair, with its unique and colourful history, and the History of Scotland itself, and now an involvement with the  Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.  Each interest has grown into a section of  its own, which may help other family members, and others looking into their own origins to understand and appreciate our rich and rewarding cultural heritage, so important at a time when globalisation is starting to dumb down our national identities. This Project is not, however, about nationalism, but patriotism.

Iain Laird MA (Edin), FSA Scot

December 2012

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