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The Battle of Barra

Bruce's Seat, now sited by the new roundabout on the Old Meldrum Bypass. Originally on Barra Hill it is reputed to be where Robert the Bruce sat while directing the Battle

The Battle of Barra took place near Old Meldrum in the Garioch in 1308 and its 700th Anniversary was marked in 2008 on 23rd May, though the date is not certain. Bower's Chronicle the Scotichronicon states that it took place on Ascension Day, which was on 23rd May in 2008. Robert the Bruce defeated John Comyn 3rd Earl of Buchan, who fled to England.

The king come on with mekill mycht
And thai abaid makand gret fayr
Till thai ner at assembling wayr,
Bot quhen thai saw the nobill king
Cum stoutly on foroutyn fenyeing
A litill on bridill thai thaim withdrew,
And the king that rycht weill knew
That thai war all discumfyt ner
Pressyt on thaim with his baner
And thai withdrew mar and mar.
And quhen the small folk thai had thar
Saw thar lordis withdraw them sua
Thai turnyt the bak all and to-ga
And fled all scalyt her and thar.
The lordis that yeyt togydder war
Saw that thar small folk war fleand
And saw the king stoutly cummand,
Thai war ilkane abaysit swa
That thai the bak gave and to-ga,
A litill stound samyn held thai
And syne ilk man has tane his way.
Fell never men sa foule myschance
For quhen the kingis cumpany
Saw that thai fled sa foulyly
Thai chasyt thaim with all thair mayn
And sum thai tuk and sum has slayn.
The remanand war fleand ay,
Quha had gud hors gat best away.
Till Ingland fled the erle of Bouchquhane
John Barbour, The Bruce

It was followed by the ravaging of Buchan.

The Bruce Field, Old Meldrum

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