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Scottish Regimental Tradition continues in Canada

It is heartening to know that on the eve of the year when our old Scottish Regiments are to
disappear into the pages of history, that The Black Watch (The Royal Highland Regiment) continues to be celebrated in Canada.  Lieutenant Colonel Ian McCulloch's new 2 volume history of the Highland Regiment's first 250 years is being published in May 2006.  More...


The Alford Bull and Argentina
In Alford, Aberdeenshire stands the statue of an Aberdeen Angus Bull, commemorating the establishment of the breed there. more...

Aghia Sofia Istanbul/Constantinople Norse Connection

Istanbul, is still Constantinople (“Constantinoupoli”: Constantine’s City)or "Oi Polloi", “The City” to the Greeks.  The Turkish name derives from the old Greek name .  Here too we can find traces of our Norse Ancestors...

25th April 2005

Anzac Koyu, Dardanelles, Turkey
ANZAC Day and the 90th Anniversary of the Gallipoli Landings.  To mark the Anniversary I have launched a special Gallipoli page with photographs that I took in 1989. The page is dedicated to the memory of the late Captain Emre Omur who made the visit possible for me. The pictures of Anzac Cove are particularly important as recent road improvement has removed the distinctive features that made the landing there so difficult, and the movement inland.

Valparaíso, Chile

The British legacy in Valparaíso, Chile and its presence today.

The British Invasions of Buenos Aires

A little known aspect of Britain's activity in
Buenos Aires during the Napoleonic Wars.

Santiago de Compostela
A focus of pilgrimage for medieval Scots.


Echoes of Rosslyn Chapel in Seville with its own New World connections.

A Church thought to be Templar turns out not to be, may be more closely connected to Moorish Architecture in Seville.

What Islam did for Us and The Alhambra, Granada
Tim Wallace-Murphy's book and the genius of the Alhambra

Garway Templar Church, Herefordshire

Australian Infantry WWI

Moni tis Choras - Kariye Camii - Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora

Built outside the walls of Constantinople it is considered to be one of the most beautiful surviving examples of a Byzantine church More...

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