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51st Highland Division St Côme
10th June 1944

On 10th June 1944, four years after their singular exploits at St Valéry-en-Caux, the Highland Division again fought with distinction in France.  Four days after the D-Day Landings the Germans were re-organising and counter-attacking in strength. Despite intelligence warnings of the superior German forces in the area, the Division and 9th Battalion The Parachute Regiment were sent in to secure the Orne Bridgehead without artillery support.  They held their positions at Chateau St Côme and sustained 110 casualties over 2 days.

The following are pictures of the Highland Division Memorial, dedicated in June 2004, which is in the Bois des Monts, on the D37 roadside, near the sunken lane which was the start line of the attack on Breville on 10th June 1944, and near the entrance to Chateau St Côme, where the Germans counter attacked on 11th June which cost the 5th Black Watch 100 lives.


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