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Events this Week in Scottish History

26/27 May 1940: 1st Battalion The Royal Scots and 2nd Battalion The Royal Norfolk Regiment fight to hold the La Bassée Canal Line protecting the corridor for the BEF to evacuate at Dunkirk over the following few days Ordered to fight to the last man and the last round (bullet), they did so.  By the end of the fighting on 27th May nearly all the survivors were wounded.

Project News

Cluny Church

A brief history of Cluny Church with links added to the Cluny Castle page...


2nd September

Received from a kind person in the USA, the War experiences of Great Uncle Jack Laird. It is a candid account written while the War was in progress and in parts uncomfortable reading and of enormous value as the contemporary experience of a family member.

27-29 May 2022

The Royal Scots returned to Le Paradis in Nord Pas de Calais for their final organised visit, the 82nd Anniversary of the Battle of Le Paradis where at the close of May 1940 The Royal Scots and The Royal Norfolks delayed the Enemy Advance for three days protecting the developing corridor to Dunkirk.  The Royal Scots presented the Commune with a David Ogilvie Memorial Bench to thank them for support and friendship which goes back to the days after the Battle. More...

Santiago de Compostela

New Link to Richard Campbell's Extensive Guide to the Camino de Santiago on Santiago de Compostela page.

New Link
Peter Sinclair’s webpages about the Herdmanston and Rosslyn Sinclairs More...

November 2020

Added to the page dedicated to Major Jimmy Howe OBE which starts with his recollections of the 1st Battalion The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) in action in May 1940 culminating in the successful defence of the corridor that led to Dunkirk at Le Paradis: A 1996 interview with Major James Howe with Les Back (Professor of Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London) and a 1943 broadcast of Dance Music by Jimmy's Dance Orchestra from Stalag 8B on repatriation with wounded Prisoners of War. More...


May 2020
80th Anniversary of The Royal Scots Defence of the : The Battle of Le Paradis

This year is the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Le Paradis where The Royals Scots and The Royal Norfolks, ordered to hold the canal line to the last round and the last man, to protect the BEF's corridor to Dunkirk did just that.
RS373, The Team tasked with recording memories of the Regiment of the 20th and 21st Centuries of the Regiment's 373 uninterrupted years of service until the merger of all the Scottish Regiments in 2006 hosted an online Commemoration of the 80th Anniversary on Tuesday 26th May 2020.



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Campaign for the Real Reel of the 51st
saltire.gif (175 bytes)
The dance based around the Saltire, Scotland's Flag, and created by the Highland Division, whose sacrifice in France in 1940 it commemorates, is being danced incorrectly by many today, unaware of its significance.

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"Carpe Diem" - Seize the Day
10 Reasons
to make the most of what we have, and do something while we can. Who knows what tomorrow may bring ? 

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