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Events this Week in Scottish History

700th Anniversary of The Declaration of Arbroath

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One of a million  Centenary candles lit at "Lights Out" for the million British and Colonial fallen of the Great War at 2200 hrs on 4th August 2014  and extinguished at 2300 hrs, the hour  war was  declared in 1914.

Project News

Veterans of The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) at the Centenary Cenotaph Parade

The Route taken by and Locations of
1st Battalion, The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment)
10th - 27th May 1940
From Phoney War Position at Lecelles to the Battle of Wavre on the Dyle, the Battle of the Escaut at Calonne and on to the final Battle at Paradis on the line of La Bassée Canal, holding the Dunkirk Perimeter with The Royal Norfolks to allow the Evacuation to take Place...More

Visit to St-Genesius-Rode CWGC July 2018

Piper Stevenson, fallen 14th May 1940 at the Battle of Wavre on the R. Dyle, War Grave 14 km south of Brussels. More...


8th Battalion The Royal Scots, Le Paradis, April 1918

It is a sad irony that the very ground that was fought over by the 1st Royal Scots and 2nd Royal Norfolks in May 1940 had been fought over by the 8th Royal Scots in April 1918...More

2018 Commemoration Le Paradis


WWI and WWII Site Visits May 2018



New Paradis Website

New Le Paradis site produced by Royal Norfolks Survivor's son, Dennis O'Callaghan.

Le Paradis Details

Maps, positions, locations and contemporary photos.

2017 Visit to Le Paradis (1940) and WWI Sites (1917), Centenary

Remembrance for 2nd Lt Morris Attached Royal Flying Corps (k.i.a. May 1917)


11th Company "George Garland" Valparaíso Chile

New Book on 51st (Highland Division) at Saint-Valéry-en-Caux

Stewart Mitchell, a researcher at The Gordon Highlanders Museum has completed 5 years of research and his book on The Gordon Highlanders at St Valéry has now been published. This deals not only with the battle and the Gordons part with the 51st (Highland) Division but also covers their time as prisoners of war.

Le Paradis 2016 and visit to WWI Sites, May 2016

The Heroes of  St Valéry:

4th Cameron Highlanders in Stalag Luft VIIIB/334 Lamsdorf on Keith Neven's Facebook Page


Burns Night 2016

75th Anniversary of the Defence of the Dunkirk Perimeter 1940/2015

Burn's Night 2014

New Page: "What Islam did for Us" and the Alhambra, Granada
Tim Wallace-Murphy's book and the genius of the Alhambra

New Link: Scots Language Centre
"Scots is spoken throughout Scotland from Shetland to Galloway and Aberdeen to Glasgow.
Use this site to find out more about the history of Scots and to meet the people that speak it today.
Explore, Scots song, poetry, read our blogs and find out more about the origins of Scots.

New Aberdeenshire Pictures - September 2013

Picts                 Forts                  Bennachie

Moni tis Choras - Kariye Müzesi - Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora

Built outside the walls of Constantinople it is considered to be one of the most beautiful surviving examples of a Byzantine church More...

2013: The 500th Anniversary of the Battle of Flodden

The remains of Richard III, the last English King to fall in Battle have been found. 
As Alex Orr of Edinburgh has written, would it not be fitting in the year of the 500th Anniversary of the Battle for the body of James IV, the last Scottish King killed in battle, last seen in the lumber room of Sheen Priory in the 16th Century, but which may now lie lie under the 14th fairway of the the Outer Course of the Royal Mid Surrey Golf Club in Old Deer Park,  to be found and returned to Scotland to lay in rest with dignity, and for his sword, dagger and ring to be brought to Edinburgh Castle to accompany the Honours of Scotland? More...

Heroes of St Valéry
The account of the Highland Division that fought on in France after the evacuation of the BEF from Dunkirk

Added the experiences of Pte. James (Pongo) Forbes Adams 4th Battalion Queens Own Cameron Highlanders, as told by his son.

New Pages for Seville and Segovia

A Church thought to be Templar turns out not to be, may be more closely connected to Moorish Architecture in Seville and echoes of Rosslyn Chapel in Seville with its own New World connections.

Updated Battle of Flodden Page

New links and a new account.

400th Anniversary of the Battle of Kringen, 1612

Summary of events leading to and the Battle itself and aftermath; Books on Kringen; Media Coverage 2012 and Online Sources

Norwegian Castles and Sinclairs in Connections with Norway.

Myths and Legends?  Pillarguri?

26th August 2012 marks the 400th Anniversary of the Battle of Kringen.  Norman Henderson has been translating material which points to the historical reality of the girl now known as

Centenary of the Founding of The Royal Flying Corps 13th April 1912 - 13th April 2012

King George V signed a Royal Warrant establishing the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) on 13th April 1912. My Grandfather, Great Uncle and my wife, Annabel's Grandfather, served in WWI with the RFC which combined with the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) to become the Royal Air Force (RAF) in 1918, in which my parents were later to serve. More...

Tripod Lycos withdrew their Guestbook on 2nd April 2012.  Thank you very much for the many and interesting postings received there, and please accept my apologies for their loss.

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Older News

Campaign for the Real Reel of the 51st
saltire.gif (175 bytes)
The dance based around the Saltire, Scotland's Flag, and created by the Highland Division, whose sacrifice in France in 1940 it commemorates, is being danced incorrectly by many today, unaware of its significance.

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to make the most of what we have, and do something while we can. Who knows what tomorrow may bring ? 

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